Skins & Sourcing

At ER Fur Trading, we specialize in sales of the highest quality fur pelts from all over the world. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the finest quality furs and service available. We offer a wide variety of both wild and farm raised pelts. We travel and participate in all fur auctions around the world. With high quality products, excellent service, and a great reputation, we have established an extensive global network of fur sources.

Services that ER Fur Trading offers :

1. Auction Buying

  • We act as a buying agent for customers interested in purchasing larger quantities of pelts at an auction house.

2. Skin Sourcing
  • We have a network of contacts around the globe that allow us to source all types of fur. If you do not see something on our website please contact us as we can source any fur.

3. Domestic and International sales and shipping
  • We facilitate and manage all Domestic and International shipments of fur pelts purchased through us in auction, or directly from our inventory.

4. Custom Dyes and Processing of fur pelts
  • We have the ability to develop exclusive and unique dyes and processes to meet the needs of designers upon request. This includes custom textures, colors, shearing, grooving, leather treatments and more. We work with dye factories around the world which allows us access to every skin process that exists.

Garment Production Services

ER Fur Trading provides production services for a diverse group of customers ranging from couture design houses to very commercial brands. Our long background in the industry along with extensive sources allows us to find a great balance of price and quality for everyone. We work with companies and designers at every level to help them develop and produce their ideal fur product. We work with factories all over the world and typically develop our samples in house.

Services that ER Fur Trading offers :

  • Give full technical support to design ideas
  • Provide patterns and grading
  • Produce canvas prototypes and swatches of fur color and technique
  • Produce samples and provide production prices at sketch stage of development
  • Source labor globally in Hong Kong, China, Europe & USA

About Us

ER Fur Trading is known for its tradition in the finest quality fur for 4 generations. The family began in the fur business in 1942 and caters to manufacturers, designers and luxury brands with a complete fur sourcing and manufacturing service.

We source fur from all the auctions globally as well as private sources around the world. Our company provides production services in the USA, China, Hong Kong, France, Israel and Italy for a diverse group of customers ranging from couture design houses to more commercial brands. We are able to find a great balance of price and quality for all our customers.

In addition, we also have a garment division which produces our own line of fur garments as well as specializing in garment sales and production.

Our Inventory

  • Fox
  • Fox
  • Fox
  • Fox
  • Fox
  • Mink
  • Mink
  • Mink
  • Mink
  • Mink
  • Chincilla
  • Black Broadtail
  • Grey Broadtail
  • Grey Lamb
  • Persian Lamb
  • Fisher
  • Fisher
  • Nutria
  • Rabbit
  • Rabbit
  • Raccoon
  • Red Fox
  • Sable


Edward Reich- President
Richard Reich- Vice President
Samantha Grala- Account Representative
Alex Grala- Inventory Manager
Erin Hennessy- Office Manager
Larry Marchfeld- Vice President of Sales
Helmut Rothe